About Stone Clinical Laboratories

Empowering Physicians, Enlightening Patients

Stone Clinical Laboratories has its roots in the services provided by Stone Surgical, a medical services based company founded in 2008, dedicated to bringing leading-edge techniques and technology to examination rooms and surgical suites alike. The company distributed medical device implants in the neuro, spine, and orthopedic markets, later expanding into laboratory services.

As Stone Surgical‘s offerings continued to evolve, Stone Clinical Laboratories was created to encompass a wider variety of services, including Toxicology, Early-Stage Cancer Detection, Pharmacogenetics, Pathology, Wellness Testing & more – all solutions designed to meet new challenges in the constantly changing and dynamic field of medicine.

Today, Stone Clinical Laboratories serves as a much needed specialty lab for physician practices and hospitals, as well as other laboratories throughout the United States. Stone is your industry-leading single source solution.

At Stone Clinical Laboratories, innovation and partnership drive our business. Our lab and payor networks allow us to partner with any lab and type of insurance. Likewise, our on-demand system enables you to receive test results instantaneously.

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